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The Paranagari Collaboration Programme

Cities and habitats are fast becoming the object of convergence for computer and communication technologies. This is driving a global race to conceive, design and develop smart elements for creating the next generation of cities that can think and offer personalized service to their citizens.A thought leadership in this important economic and social sphere can lead to significant opportunities to generate employment in high EVA industries in the near future.

Sankhya Technologies has created a collaborative research programme SANKHYA Paranagari for establishing smart city leadership. This presentation will focus on various facets of SANKHYA Paranagari. It will be an interactive talk with ample scope for Q&A.

A Hundred Smart Cities and Beyond - A Proposal

Standards and Reference Architectures for The India Smart City Programme

1. A Shared National Vision


The NDA Government initiated the 100 smart cities program after coming to power at the center in the year 2014. As one of India's few research organizations in the private sector with deep insights into a broad spectrum of emerging technologies, Sankhya Technologies has taken up the challenge of creating a conceptual framework and a collaboration programme to ensure that the smart city programmes will lead to an economic multiplier effect that creates an opportunity to spread prosperity for all national stakeholders - citizens, cities, smart city developers, technology research and development organizations and systems integrators.

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